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La mia voce contro il nucleare.

Movimento europeo


Our European citizens’ initiative will directly influence European legislation. The goal is for the European anti-nuclear movement to join forces, and also show the solution to the nuclear crisis through energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy. Organisations within the Friends of the Earth network, Sortir du nucleaire and WISE will launch the first European citizens’ initiative for pan-European nuclear power phase-out and the advancement of renewable energies on June 1 2012.

We demand:

  • Shutdown of high risk nuclear reactors as soon as possible
  • Plans for the power phase-out of all nuclear power plants in Europe have to be made by 2015
  • Cost transparency in the energy sector
  • A reduction on energy consumption by 20% byl 2020
  • Increased funding of renewable energies and energy efficiency

To achieve these goals we need your voice and your vote for the pan-European phase out of nuclear power.


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